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Major media person of the world helicopter industry - President HAI (Helicopter Association International) Mr. Matt Zuccaro regularly accesses a helicopter community with messages. The message of the President are bright, bold, clever and always «one day». Currently the President is seriously concerned with the safety of helicopters and invites everyone to join. Flight safety has not achieved without feedback. That is why the «Helicopter notes» are ready to offer our contribution to the fight against helicopter accidents: 4 questions + 4 answers.

So, finally calmed down passions around the recent high-profile helicopter accidents. There appeared the opportunity to talk about the causes and consequences.

First, you need to answer the question, what is special about the recent accidents? The first thing that catches your eye - mismatch aggregate of adverse factors on the one hand and severity of consequences. The consequences of even a minor to equipment failure or pilot error become more tragic than one could expect. Today more than half of the helicopter accidents in Russia and the CIS end in fatal accidents. Not have to die aircraft capable of landing on autorotation with non-performing engines.

Second, what is common in such different accidents (for example, Ka-52, Ka-226)? There is no comprehension of the situation. Collective control down immediately. So to say: Stay in the air. Turning. Please, evaluate the situation. Find the cause! Don't jump down, as if in a whirlpool. Just think of it. Pick up place. Sit down. Come over. Jump. Jump as you want, until you're sure, and only then landing... Turns out not psychologically ready? Alarmists? No. Not ready to look for the cause of the deterioration of the situation.

Third, why not? What is the problem? The problem in education. In the absence of understanding of processes as a whole, as a single whole. Future aviation disaster laid in school. Today, up to 80% of students can not find any causal link between phenomena. This failure is tolerated and is laid in aviation equipment, organization, legislation, in the work algorithms. Misunderstanding gradually leads to the accumulation of a critical mass and, ultimately, to the pile of metal. When the adverse circumstances come together, they run down and killed. That is avoidable. «Well to be smart in hindsight», and, nevertheless.

Fourth, how to reverse the situation? You need not be afraid of the old technique, you need afraid inexperienced brain. Everybody should train the brain, rather than skills. Train your brain! Only a trained brain can protect against catastrophic confluences of the adverse factors and solve the problem of accidents.

Sincerely from Russia.

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